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About Us


My name is Scott Jones and I am a resident of Georgetown Massachusetts. Many years ago I worked as a professional sound man and DJ. I love technology and music and I have combined my interests into a hobby helping out local civic organizations. I do it for fun and to help out the community. I am not for hire and only support the local organizations.


You can contact me at but please note I have largely retired and ontl halp with a few select events anymore.


Georgetown Fun is a web site I created, finance and update to promote events in Georgetown. We have recently tightened our editorial policy and from here on out we only list events in Georgetown or that directly benefit a Georgetown organization. You can read our posting policy here.


Events history


Number of events Estimated attendance Estimated funds raised by the events
2007 23 4,285 $65,130
2008 24 6,610 $37,000
2009 32 9,156 $86,675
2010 32 7,970 $31,900
2011 40 9,115 $85,200
2012 22 6,425 $50,525
2013 18 5,980 $90,800
2014 18


2015 19 8,540 $73,000
2016 15 6,150 $35,276
2017 - fcst 17 3,976 $9,276
2018 - booked to-date 5 2,000 $0
Totals 265 76,972 $673,342


Organizations Supported

We have worked events for the: Cub Scouts Pack 50, Georgetown All Sports Boosters, Georgetown Athletic Association, Georgetown Fire Department, Georgetown Flag Football, Georgetown Parks and Rec Department, Georgetown Partners for Football, Georgetown Free Concerts Series, First Congregational Church, Knights of Columbus, Georgetown PTA, Georgetown Education Foundation, Georgetown School System, Donohoe Road Race, Georgetown Days, The SAM Fund, The North East Regional Folk Alliance, The Me & Thee Coffehouse, The Lounge Stage at Falcon Ridge and The Great American Jeep Rally.