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Rock Pond Boat Ramp


Located next to the Coach's Rock Pond Restaurant, the Rock Pond Boat Ramp provides community access to Rock Pond. There are several parking spots at the ramp itself, the large lot to the right as you are facing the pond is Coach's Rock Pond restaurants lot and reserved for restaurant patrons. There are several rules to follow when using the ramp:

- No swimming

- No loitering

- No skiing from the ramp

- No fishing from the ramp

- No Jet Skis or personal water craft allowed on the pond

- No public drinking


The Rock Pond is teaming with small fish and is a popular place for catch and release fishing from canoes or other small boats.


Rock Pond Boat Ramp

Boat Ramp


Rock Pond Boat Ramp Parking



Rock Pond

Rock Pond - left view from the ramp


Rock Pond

Rock Pond - straight view from the ramp


Rock Pond

Rock Pond - right view from the ramp